Brivitte Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization striving to improve economic opportunity for underprivileged individuals through increased access to education, entrepreneurial pursuits, and financial literacy in Jamaica and the United States. 

We seek a world where underprivileged individuals have equal access to education and world markets regardless of the socioeconomic status of their birth. Brivitte Foundation will be known for our unshakable commitment to leveling the playing field for underprivileged individuals. 


Our mission is to develop programs focused on education, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy in Jamaica and the United States. Through Brivitte Foundation, we will encourage, empower, and engage generations.

Programming will target those aged 16 - 40 years old (or those in need of the knowledge we offer). Our activities will include, but are not limited to, providing scholarships and grants for education and travel, supporting startup ventures, sponsoring virtual and physical financial and non-financial workshops, increasing access to technology, and offering other applicable educational and entrepreneurial resources  as funding permits. Summary of example programming can be found in the "Executing Our Mission" graphic below.


"We determine our destinies. Victim or victor. What will you choose?" - Condola Brivitte, Founder

Brivitte Foundation stands as a sign of gratitude to everyone who helped the Founder along her journey. Condola was born to young parents in a rural town called Pedro District in Jamaica. Her parents were driven to ensure that Condola and her brother had better opportunities than they did and so relocated to United States. This transition to the United States resulted in its own challenges and life lessons as many of the socioeconomic disadvantages that adversely affects the educational and financial opportunities of individuals from underprivileged communities in Jamaica also exists in the United States. 

Condola navigated those waters through mentorship and education. In her early years, there were: a) the various elementary and middle school Jamaican teachers who went above and beyond their job duties to help her integrate into the US, b) the high school guidance counselor who refused to let her enroll in any class below Honors and Advanced Placement if the counselor could prevent it, c) the high school sociology teacher who went out of his way to ensure she received a scholarship to help her afford college, d) the high school English teacher who made his senior class read her favorite book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" as their send off to college, e) the various other teachers and administrators at Pompano Beach High School, f) the accounting professor at Florida State University who convinced her to consider a career in Accounting, and g) various others. Upon joining the workforce, she continued to encounter individuals who dedicated time to help her not only develop but excel among the crowd including but not limited to the supervisor who taught her about how retirement accounts worked beyond the new hire pamphlet and supervisors who taught her the importance of building relationships.    


"Success is not built in isolation" - Condola Brivitte, Founder


She credits any success she has attained to her drive and hunger coupled with the guidance from every known and unknown face who lent a hand. Each helping hand re-affirmed that success was a team sport and with exposure, knowledge, and opportunity, everyone has a better chance to succeed. Jamaica instilled the hunger to strive for more and the United States provided the opportunities to access more. Her story is a living testimony and a reminder that our beginnings and circumstances don’t always determine our endings if we so choose. Brivitte Foundation is her way of making sure that there is someone there to encourage, empower, and engage generations willing to make the choice of victor versus victim. 

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