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Virtual Workshops

Find scholarship announcements and virtual workshops here. Workshops will cover many financial and non-financial topics and will be FREE. Participation in each workshop will be capped so ensure that you check back often and register early. If you find our workshops beneficial, you can always give the suggested donation of $5 or more. Sign up for the mailing list (in the footer or go to Get Involved ) to stay updated on our happenings. 


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Facts & Figures

A few reasons why our work matters

"Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans" - US Federal Reserve, Q1 2018

"As of 2017, the average student loan balance is $34,144" - Experian

"Nearly half of entrepreneurs around the world are aged between 25 and 44" - EY

Average estimated annual full-time undergraduate costs for 2017-18 were: 

Public 2 year                              $17,580

In state Public 4 year                $25,290

Out of state Public 4 year         $40,940

Private 4 year, nonprofit           $50,900

- College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2017

"The unemployment rate for Jamaican youth 14-24 years was 23.8% in January 2018 compared to the rate of 31.2% in January 2017 - Statistical Institute of Jamaica

Jamaican minimum wage is $7,000 a week (approx. $54 USD per week) as of August 1, 2018 - Jamaican Information Service 

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